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Book Review: Japanese Whisky, Scotch Blend

An Old bottle

Miyagikyou 15 - "sherry and spices"

The Second Mizuwari Death Match

Red Suntory Whisky - "grain and petrol"

Japanese Whisky History (1854-1918) - The Jurassic Period

Yoichi 12 - "fruit and peat"

Japanese whisky's small band of Western admirers

Shopping info: Nihombashi stores

Shopping info: Tanakaya

Bar info: Nikka Blender's Bar

The First Mizuwari Death Match

Suntory Whisky (yellow label Kakubin) - "sweet and mild"

Torys - "foul but fine in a mizuwari"

Mizuwari Death Match

How to make a mizuwari

Uncle Torys ads

After a month of heavy blogging, another breather...


Shirakawa 30 - "matches"

Rikyū and the Yamazaki distillery

Suntory single malts and the food thing

End of an era

Japanese Whisky History (1980s) - Keizo Saji and the Kumaso scandal