Uncork the Champagne!

Oh no, er, wait, this is a whisky site, isn't it? Perhaps a bottle of Yoichi 1987? Anyway, that is a very fumbling introduction to some fantastic news: Serge Valentin has sent me some of his latest Japanese whisky tasting notes. They are not even up on his site yet!

Yes, I mean THE Serge Valentin. The author of the awesome Whiskyfun.com and the uncrowned King of whisky blogging. If you haven't heard of his site, get over there at once! Not only does the man tipple prodigiously but he combines his notes with music and concert reviews in a wickedly entertaining cocktail.

I'll leave it to Serge to tell you a bit more about himself and his passion for whisky but it is worth mentioning that he scores on the Malt Maniacs` scale (and that he has a very useful tasting sheet on his site for newbs like myself):

90 plus - "The sky is the limit! The most amazing malts money can buy; absolutely legendary 'Aqua Vitae'."
85-89 - "Highly recommendable. This is the good stuff we crave, (almost) universally loved and appreciated."
80-84 - "Recommendable - plain & simple. You really can't go wrong with these whiskies. Satisfaction guaranteed."
75-79 - "Better than average, but not something worth hunting down. There are better single malts available."
70-74 - "Below average, but not something that should be actively avoided either. Could do better, though."
Below 70 - "Hold it! A score in the 60's or even lower is reason for extreme caution. It means: downright avoidable."


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