The Cask of Yamazaki 1991/2002 Bourbon

Review by Serge Valentin

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"The Cask of Yamazaki 1991/2002 (60%, OB, bourbon, Ohmi cellar, cask #1O70640)
Colour: Pale gold.
Nose: Extremely similar to the 1992 but the high alcohol blocks many aromas, or so it seems. Hops and tobacco. With water: once again, it did not really get more complex but what a great profile! Smells almost like a newly opened pack of mentholated Dunhills. Hints of fresh butter.
Mouth (neat): Round, fruity, grassy and peaty but very, very hot. Aargh… With water: very compact, reminding us of Glenmorangie’s experiments with new oak. Less vanilla and more peat but the style is sort of similar. Brown sugar, crystallised ginger and cinnamon. Finish: long and spicy/oaky.
Comments: Good again but maybe a tad ‘fabricated’. Well made of course but lacks a little magic.
SGP:532 – 81 points." (Serge`s scoring system is explained on this page.)


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