The first Chichibu bottlings

I will give a few more details when I can grab some time but here is your first glimpse of the new spirit from the new Chichibu distillery set up by Ichiro Akuto of Ichiro's Malt fame. They are Chichibu Newborn Bourbon Barrel (c. 63 per cent alcohol) and Chichibu Newborn New Hogshead (c. 62 per cent alcohol). Three casks of each have been released and about 1800 bottles in total.

This stuff is so young it cannot yet be called whisky. This this is an interesting story to follow from its inception.

There have been a couple of other interesting Ichiro's Malt bottlings recently, which I will also update you on asap. By the way, I think Bar Zoetrope in Tokyo has these Newborns in his crib.

The photographs are taken from the incomparable Katotomo's blog.


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