Takeshi Mogi goes offline

The person who has taught me most about Japanese whisky is Takeshi Mogi. His was the original website on the subject and I have had the pleasure of meeting him in person on several occasions. I have always gone away feeling enriched by the experience.

He is a real gentleman and has been unfailingly helpful in steering my blundering attempts to understand a complex topic. I know that many other people have been similarly helped by Mogi-san (not all of whom have been sufficiently generous in acknowledging their reliance on him).

Sadly, he has decided not to continue with his excellent website.  I hope Nonjatta will be able to say a little more about his reasons for this in due course and perhaps notify people of any new projects he has under his hat, but I just want to put up this note to express my sadness at the passing of a great web resource.


David said…
I'm sorry to hear it too. Mogi-san is certainly a gentleman and was most generous to me in helping me to appreciate Japanese whisky.

Happily, the legendary Nonjatta continues to fly the flag for Japanese whisky online.

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Del said…
Always wanted to try this whiskey after reading about it.

I look around last week and couldn't find it on some online shops, most were sold out.

My girlfriend managed to find me a bottle of
Yamazaki 1984
at Sipplondon.com

I haven't drank it yet, - waiting for Xmas :)

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