Mercian Ootori

Review by Nonjatta contributor - Dramtastic:

Mercian Ootori (the malt in this whisky came from Karuizawa distillery). Aged 15 years. 40 per cent alcohol.
Nose: A rich succulent bouquet. A big bunch of bananas, vanilla, walnuts, oranges, firm grain and fresh cut timber. Sounds sweet. It is!
Palate: Smooth and creamy; mashed bananas, more orange, sweet lemon and the same firm grain.
Finish: Fairly short but smooth, with nutmeg, orange chocolate and continuing the flavors from the palate.


AshDLS said…
Looks heavily inspired by the Hibiki bottle design! Is it a round bottle, or more oval in shape? Can't quite tell from the angle there.
Nonjatta said…
I think it is oval. Is that right Dramtastic?
dramtastic said…
I would call it almond shaped. As for inspriration, is it the chicken or the egg that came first. I think this Mercian pre dated any Hibiki bottling but that is still only speculation on my part.

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