Hakushu Sherry Cask on its way

Whiskywall has a piece about the Hakushu Sherry Cask bottling to be released at the end of February. There will be 4,300 bottles at about 9,000 yen each. For more info and some purchasing pointers take a look at Whiskywall`s post.

Incidentally, the Suntory press release lets slip the following titbit: Hakushu sales volume surged 111 percent in 2011 compared with the previous year, largely because of a marketing campaign selling mint-garnished highballs to young women (the market segment that calls the pipers tune, right now). Might just go off and make myself a mint highball right now


Filip Ling said…
How large were the Heavily Peated and Bourbon releases? What do you think the chances of it reaching EU would be?
Nonjatta said…
I am just taking a stab here but this is not a terribly limited release and I would have thought it might get to the EU. Suntory are not, unlike on some other releases, mentioning a specific plan to promote this abroad, as far as I can see.
Filip Ling said…
Better get the hopes up then. Still waiting for word on the latest Yamazaki Sherry cask to reach our shores. Just so damn slow.. Got my Chichibu ordered and secured at last!

Not so many Japanese retailers thats willing to ship to Sweden or EU even for that part.. Shame!

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