A new whisky blog and a massive boost for Nonjatta

I am really pleased to announce that Stefan, a multi-talented fellow Tokyo resident, is getting into whisky blogging and has agreed to join the Nonjatta team. Stefan--who among other accomplishments is a composer, teacher and whisky enthusiast--has just set up Tokyo Whisky Hub about the Tokyo whisky scene and will be cross-posting on Nonjatta any entries that are relevant to Japanese whisky.

Take a look around Tokyo Whisky Hub. It is already a fascinating read and promises to fill a hole in the blogosphere that is rapidly developing around Japan`s drinking scene. The Tokyo whisky scene is an almost limitless subject.

Stefan explains his vision for the site:

"Although my first three posts are about Japanese whisky, my aim is to write not only about Japanese whisky, but about the Japanese whisky scene at large (i.e. special bottlings - mostly Scotch whisky, of course - for the Japanese market; events that aren't advertised in English (again, not necessarily only events to do with Japanese whisky, but any whisky)."

Personally, it is really morale-boosting for me to have a fellow enthusiast lending their arm to the oar.  Judging by Stefan`s writing, his posts are going to be required reading.


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