Japanese Distilleries: a new comprehensive web resource

Post by Stefan of Tokyo Whisky Hub

The people at Whisky Magazine Japan have just launched a very interesting new branch of their site - “Japanese Distilleries” - which provides factual information about all Japanese distilleries, past and present, in both English and Japanese. Organized as a map with clickable distillery pinpoints, it gives you a profile of each distillery, followed by information about the core range, address, tour options, access, as well as details of a more technical nature (number of pot stills, washbacks, materials used, warehouses, etc.) that will appeal to the whisky anorak. It’s already very impressive, but it’s just a starting point. The people at Whisky Magazine Japan are in close contact with the distilleries and the aim is to make this a comprehensive resource about Japanese distilleries and their whiskies. They’re not just looking towards the industry for input, though. The idea is to take a 360-degree approach with ideas, comments and maybe articles submitted by writers, bloggers and even regular whisky lovers who may want to share something about a distillery visit or have another story to tell. This promises to be a much-needed central reference for enthusiasts of Japanese whisky. Definitely a page to bookmark.


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