Suntory to Release Yamazaki Limited Edition 2014

Post by Stefan Van Eycken, Tokyo
On 20 May, Suntory will be releasing a limited edition of their Yamazaki single malt, simply called "Limited Edition 2014". Continuing a recent trend, this will be a NAS edition. It's a vatting of malt matured in European oak ex-sherry and ex-port casks for over two decades and younger malt (how young is anybody's guess) matured in American oak. Retail price will be around 8,000 yen (that's the good news) and 8% tax (after the 3% consumption tax hike has gone into effect ... which is from April). We look forward to trying this new edition and will keep you posted as always.


Anonymous said…
Is there any information on how many bottles were released?

Gats said…
Also is there any information as to the proportion of the young malt versus the older ones?
Many thanks
Suntory would never release such information. Everything about everything they do and release is classified!
Joel said…
So... How is it?
Catalyst said…
Got one as a gift when I went to Japan. Opened it casually thinking it was just another bottle of Yamazaki. WOW - I'm not a afficionado but damn it's one of the smoothest and tastiest I've ever had. Big smiles all around.

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